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Todays cinema news

Dhanush, Amala and Sargunam are joining hands in a film. The film is titled Sotta Vaalakutty. Producer Kathiresan who had earlier produced films like Polladhavan and Aadukalam is producing this film. Even before this film, there is a connection between these three.
Dhanush and Amala
In Vaagai Sooda Vaa, Sargunam had chosen Amala Paul for the female lead role but she was unable to act in this film because of her call sheet problems. Later on Sargunam signed Iniya for the female lead role. At that point time Sargunam had assured Amala Paul that they will join hands in the next film.
Amala Paul was supposed to pair with Dhanush in 3. Even in the advertisements Amala Paul’s name was mentioned. Then later on due to unknown reasons she was ousted out of the film. Shruthi donned the female lead role in 3.
Amala Paul who had earlier missed the opportunity with Sargunam and Dhanush has now made it in a single film.

Is it wrong to act after marriage? Mamta Mohandas

Mamta Mohandas

Mamta Mohandas asks that whether it is wrong to act after marriage. Mamta Mohandas had acted in Tamil films Sivappathigaram, Guru En Aalu and Thadaiyara Thaakka. She is currently acting in Malayalam films. She said, "The Tamil film Thadaiyara Thaakka had fetched me a good name commercially.

In Malayalam I am pairing with Mammootty in the film titled Jawan of Vellimala and with Dileep in My Boss. I have earlier acted with Mammootty but this is the first time I am pairing with him. Even in this film there is no love track. In My Boss I am donning the role of Dileep’s boss. In the recent times, many of you are asking me that why I am so much interested to act in films after my marriage.
I don’t know what kind of question is. Is it that one should not act after marriage? Now I am very choosing while selecting my roles. I have decided to act in three films in a year."

Not me!: Udhayanidhi

After the great success of Naan Ee, there is news about director Rajamouli everywhere. There 

is news that Rajamouli is going to direct a direct Tamil film which is to be produced under the banner Red Giant Movies and Udhayanidhi Stalin will don the lead role.

Udhayanidhi2When asked Udhayanidhi Stalin about this, he said, "There is no truth in this news. I had met Rajamouli sir one year back. I have still not seen Naan Ee. I have met him at the audio launch of the film Maaveeran. This is the dubbed version of the Telugu film Magadheera. I had released the Tamil version. I met him only this function. After this I did not meet him or speak to him.
Many of you are asking me that in which film I will act after Oru Kal Oru Kannadi. Sundar C after completing the film which has Vishal in the lead role will be directing a film for our production house. If I like that story, there is an opportunity for me to do the lead role. Only if the role suits me I will act otherwise I will only produce it. The film Neer Paravai which is being produced by me will hit the screens soon. After this I will be producing films to be directed by Sundar C, Samudrakani and Prabhu Solomon under the banner Red Giant Movies."

Audio launch of Bala’s Paradesi during the month of August

Eriyum Thanal
The audio CD of the film directed by Bala will be released during the month of August. Paradesi is a film based on a Malayalam novel titled Eriyum Thanal. This film has Adharva and Vedika in the lead roles. Bala has completed Paradesi in a shot span of time.

Now works like dubbing and re-recording is going on. At this juncture, Bala has decided to launch the audio of this film next month. He has also planned to release the film before Deepavali.
After this, Bala will be directing a film which will have Vishal in the lead role. The story of this film is also being adapted from a Malayalam novel. Both of them joined hands in the film Avan Ivan. This film fetched a good name for Vishal.

A surprise in Kumki audio launch

Tamil Movie  Kumki Audio Launch
Super Star Rajnikanth’s name did not figure in the invitation card. It was mentioned that Kamal Haasan will release the audio CD and Surya will receive it.

But what happened was a sweet surprise. Today Rajnikanth had phoned Prabhu and told him that he will be attending the function. Because of this large number of police personnel were pressed into service at Sathyam Cinemas where the function was supposed to be held.
Rajni while speaking on this occasion said, "Normally I don’t participate in any of the functions. I have been invited for many functions. If I go for a function, I have to attend all the functions. That is why I avoid all the functions. I feel very shy to participate in the functions. To tell the truth attending a function is like running away from a person who has lent me money. They are so affectionate.
It is a great pride when Kamal was approached to do a Hollywood film by the Lord of Rings producer. It is not pride for Tamil cinema alone. It is a great pride for Indian cinema. Prabhu had invited me for this function. Immediately I told Prabhu, "No Prabhu. I am not participating in any of the functions." I made up my mind not to attend this function. Yesterday Prabhu Solomon came to my house to give the invitation of this function. I immediately called Prabhu on the phone and told him," What Prabhu? I already told you that I will not attend the function."
He said, "No Anna (elder brother). Giving the invitation is our duty." Even while going to bed I did not have the intention of attending this function. Everyone while speaking said that Rajni is one trunk and Kamal is another trunk. Vikram Prabhu has climbed with their help and is kissing Tamil cinema but he has not kissed Tamil cinema.
He has kissed his grandfather Shivaji Ganeshan. He is an akshayapathiram (meaning the vessel that never diminishes in its contents. Kamal and I came from there only. I became very close to him only at the time of the shooting of Padayappa. At that time he told me, "You have so far not lifted your shirt collar. Once you do it your buttons will burst." What a big word it was. Work hard Vikram like others said but don’t get scared. After seeing the songs and trailer, I feel that Kumki will be a great success. Vikram Prabhu, welcome to Tamil cinema. My wishes."
Kamal released the audio CD in the presence of Rajnikanth which was received by Surya.

Dhanush is a busy bee

Tamil Actor Dhanush
Dhanush is currently acting in the film titled Mariyaan directed by Bharat Bala. The shooting of this film took place in foreign locales and now the cast and crew has returned back to Chennai.

 It is understood that 80% of Mariyaan has been completed and because of this the crew is very cheerful. Bharat Bala who had directed A R Rahman’s album Vande Mataram is directing Mariyaan. A R Rahman has composed the music for this film.
The second schedule shooting of this film is to commence soon. At this juncture, Dhanush is a producing a film which will be having Sivakarthikeyan in the lead role. Director Vetrimaaran’s assistant will be directing this film. Once Dhanush completes the work connected with the productions, he will be simultaneously acting in the film Mariyaan and in the films to be directed by Sargunam and Vetrimaaran simultaneously. Apart from these, the Hindi film Raanjhnaa which he has donned the lead role is to hit the screens soon. It looks that Dhanush sir will be the busiest actor in the coming days.

Thamanna says that whether she is interested or not in Tamil cinema

Tamil Actress Thamanna
When asked Thamanna whether she was not interested in Tamil cinema she gave her reply. Thamanna for the last one year did not accept any Tamil cinema. She was concentrating only in Telugu and Hindi languages.

When asked her that why she is not accepting Tamil cinema, she said, "Currently I am very busy in Telugu films. All of them are excellent films. As far as Tamil is concerned I am getting lots of offers. If it has a good story I listen to them but I will accept if the role is suitable for me. I am very interested to allot dates for Tamil films.
Tamil films were the turning points in my career. Only Tamil films gave me an identity. Who said that I am not interested in Tamil films? I am really missing Kollywood industry. Even now I am in touch with all the Kollywood heroes with whom I have paired with. I keep on talking to them frequently. When I am in Chennai I feel at home. Next I am acting in a Hindi film. The shooting of this film is to commence soon."

Open talk with Piya

Tamil Actress Piya
Your parents did not want you to take up cinema career. You were supposed to be a computer expert but you took up acting. Did it yield any fruits?
It is really very good. Tamil and Andhra people have accepted me. Goa and Ko have earned me very good name. A young team is remaking the film Goa. I am donning an important role in this film. This film will also be much spoken about like Goa. I am really very happy.
Self-criticism about you?
My life philosophy is, "Always think positively. Be happy. Don’t expect from others." To tell in short I am a very strong person.
What do you think of marriage?
As far as I am concerned marriage is a strong commitment. This commitment should be there throughout the life but everything has changed these days. Nobody takes it seriously. People are living together. This has become common in Bollywood. If you ask them, they tell it understandings. Maybe it is right from their view point but I will not be like that. I will love and get married. I will live 100% correctly.
What is the purpose of loving?
What else. Happiness. Keep him happy.
Is it a blessing or curse if a heroine is sexy?
Definitely it is blessing not a curse.

I have stopped moving with my friends! : Surya

Tamil Actor Surya and his Family
Surya has mentioned that he has stopped seeing his friends in order to spend his time with his wife and children. Surya while speaking to the media said, "I am donning the role of conjoined twins in the film Maatran.

Since I am continuously shooting I have no time to spend with my family. I have to spend my whole time with my work. At the same time I want to be a responsible father. Whenever I get a break, I rush to spend my time with Jo, Diya and Dev.
I don’t go out with my friends these days. To tell the truth, I don’t even speak with them in the phones also. Even if I want to exercise, I will do it before my kids wake up. I will be with them once they get up from their bed. I will do everything for them. I will help Jyothika by dressing the kids for school, feed them and take them to school"

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